10 good-to-know facts about SAP HANA (December edition)

Just to get some things sorted out I list ten good-to-know facts about SAP HANA to keep the over and a clear view. Most important for me is the question about what is SAP HANA and what is SAP HANA not.

  1. SAP HANA is generally an own appliance, mainly development platform – SAP HANA is not a BW, ERP, CRM or what else system.
  2. SAP HANA keeps data completely in-memory (because it is also a database).
  3. Because it is a database (which supports analytical views) it seems to be an alternative for SAP BW – which might be every (relational) DBMS which will be automatically more flexible (it no standard software).
  4. Mostly every program on our computer runs already in-memory (that’s why the file is often lost when the program crashes, no persistence).
  5. The same for local tables in our ABAP routines – they run in-memory of the application server of a SAP system.
  6. So you can simply say we lift the business to the same state most operations are already in.
  7. Differences to in-memory on a application server and SAP HANA? SAP HANA is optimized by partitioning, compression and row/column stores.
  8. SAP HANA as development platform offers a wide range of possibilities: Predictive (PAL and R), Search, Modeling Procedures, Security, SAP/open UI5, SAP River, etc.
  9. As open development platform (SAP system independent) SAP tries to reach so called Data Scientists and Web Developer with free trials for SAP HANA and free online courses.
  10. Of course SAP tries to integrate SAP HANA as good as possible to their applications. So that theses features are available as well for other SAP systems.

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