SAP Review 2013

It is nearby the end of the year and I found an interesting article on reviewing the year 2013. Perfect for reviewing the year in my own perspective based on the SAP related article. Before reading the article my first opinion was „what else did SAP beside SAP HANA in the year 2013“ but surprisingly SAP announces or introduces some other things in the year 2013.

So I already wish all readery a pleasent holiday as this blog post might be (one) of the last this year.



SAP launches the first Rapid Deployment Solution for SAP ERP on HANA in March this year. As highlight SAP listed customer e.g. Mercedes-AMG and Lenovo for refering to SAP ERP on HANA. Faster transactional processing in finance is one reason but SAP optimized (and still optimizes) standard ERP transactions in SD, MM or PP for better performance on SAP HANA. It will be nice to see the ongoing story of SAP ERP on HANA in the year 2014. Many customer seem to hesitate with the investment in SAP ERP on HANA due to missing business cases (except any performance reasons). With the online courses in SAP HANA development and open sourcing the the UI framework SAP hardly tries to get more SAP-independent software developer to their appliance. Hopefully implementing interesting business case solutions on standard SAP ERP tables.

2. SAP Mobile Platform 3.0

Finally supports mobile application development with SAP Netweaver Gateway and Sybase Mobiliser! After several attempts to get a proper mobile strategy on a well communicated mobile platform SAP pushes their mobile strategy a step forward. Unfortunetly SAP Mobile has taken some hard beats by the SAP HANA marketing firework of SAP. I am really excited to see in which direction SAP heads with their mobile strategy and how they will combine topics as native and responsive web applications (e.g. on SAP HANA) with the mobile strategy in the year 2014.

3. Acquisitions, e.g. KXEN

SAP shopped as well some new features on the market. For example hybris with thei e-commerce platform or KXEN as analytical specialist. As I have seen the KXEN features already live and in color and SAP already implemented with the Predictive Analysis Library (PAL) the KXEN portfolio in SAP HANA SPS7 I’m really pleased to see forward what will be possible with the new predictive functions without needing R knowledge (and a R server).


Beside introducing the 25. lines of business: sports and enterainment SAP introduces SAP Fiori on the SAPPHIRE NOW in May this year. SAP pushes SAP Fiori with the end of the year a step forward again as SAP introduces 175+ new apps in the SAP Fiori bundle. If all applications in SAP Fiori are fine with all platform versions of SAP or how customer accepts the SAP Fiori platform will be seen as well in 2014.

5. Jim Hagemann Snabe 

Jim Hagemann Snabe goes into the supervoisory board of SAP and Bill McDermott will be the only CEO of SAP in 2014. Since SAP changes the board moreoften than once in the last years it is one of the major changes  by now. Beside introducing Björn Goerke as CIO and leader of the SAP Enterprise Cloud. What brings up the next point:

6. SAP as cloud company

SAP defined cloud in a new way (by marketing). It is amazing how SAP tries to confuse with enterprise cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and so on. Cloud for everyone! Before SAP I really thought the cloud is a) public accessible and b) is in the internet. But as the enterprise could also have its own cloud or a hybrid in different versions for different platform it is clearly confusing me a little bit. So let’s see what SAP brings with the year 2014.

7. SAP and Google Glass

Google Glass is not yet published for public but SAP already sees the possibilities for e.g. logistics with SAP and Google Glass. Gartner already confirmed the upcoming need and provides five reasons for using Google Glass in companies. What I thought? A view in the far future as SAP still tries to combine mobility with their portfolio. But interesting.

8. Disabled people working and testing for SAP

SAP wants to be free of barriers and searches for people supporting and testing as new employees. SAP kills two bird with one stone with this announcement in May this year. SAP increases their statistic for recruiting handicaped people and pushes his own software into handicaped accessible versions. One reason for this turn might be pushing the web development of SAP and therefore getting closer to already defined standards in internet.

9. Critical voices on the yearly DSAG conference

SAP goes cloud but nearly the same time data security reaches a new peak with the NSA. Finally a question how SAP will handle privacy in their cloud solutions. SAP guarantees security for data and delivers with SAP HANA SPS7 first encryption possibilities for data. So a public cloud version of SAP HANA on Amazon Web Services (AWS) might get secure… unless somebody tries to encrypt the data. On the other hand SAP introduced new „cloud“ products with introdudinc a enterprise cloud which will be somehow cloudy but completely enterprise internal… or partlly external as hybrid version. Let’s see as well what SAP brings up with the SAP year 2014.

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