Advanced SAP HANA Modeling: Introduction (1)

As ABAP/4 is the scripting language for SAP applications, it would be SQLScript for SAP HANA.

You can already implement a lot with the models and tools in the SAP HANA Studio for designing a proper business process or some smaller data transformations. SAP recommends using the existing models for implementation (e.g. analytical view, calculation view, etc.) but also mentions that not everything is possible. Therefore you have to do own SQL statements or SQL scripting by using SQL(Script) based calculation views or procedures. I already explained that you have to model within SAP HANA Studio to gain the full in-memory performance. Even if you use a SAP application on HANA ( e.g. SAP BW on HANA: Modelling on SAP HANA for SAP BW ).

So I will create a series of blog entries where you can follow my success (or failure) on implementing standard features/functionalities directly in SAP HANA Studio as SQL or SQLScript based models. I will start with a basic overview and a separate how to use Amazon Web Services with a trial version). The next steps would be learning by doing on a roadmap which I will define in advance.

The roadmap will roughly containt the following aspects:

  • Variables, functions and more
  • Implementing ABAP coding as alternate SAP HANA version
  • Advanced techniques on implementing features directly in SAP HANA

I will also try to refer, if possible, to ABAP programming. So we might get easier into SQLScript (might be also a bad idea 😉 )

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